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Coaxial Cable Tester CT100

Coaxial Cable Tester CT100

Ref: 4400500

• Indicates all types of coaxial cable faults
• Indicates at which end of cable the fault is present
• Automatic power up/down
• Automatic test repetition every 200 ms
• Ultra low battery consumption

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The CT100 Coaxial Cable Tester is a hand-held battery-powered unit for testing coaxial cable assemblies. It is suitable for "thin net" applications as well as CATV and RF/Microwave broadcast. Apart from indicating the usual "inner conductor open circuit," "outer conductor open circuit" and "short circuit" faults, the CT100 will indicate at which end the fault is situated.

The unique "fault end indication" function of the CT100 will enable significant time and money savings in fault identification and location.